Haiti Mission Talk is contracted with an association of Haitian translators and translators all over the world to translate any materials in a timely, peer-reviewed, and affordable manner.
Meet our team!
Keren Coronado, known as Violet Pollux (artistic name) is our Spanish Social Media Coordinator and translator. She is a native Spanish speaker and has experience in the following kinds of translations: medical, games, business, technology, cryptocurrency, poems, short stories, blog posts, digital marketing etc.
Jean Oxide
Jean is the Social Media Coordinator for Haiti Mission Talk and gets great practice translating with us through that position!
Ganaud Milien
Translator and Founder
Ganaud is an extremely professional translator popular for his ability to convey the emotion from English to Creole as well as meaning. He speaks many other languages as well. His wife is a French translator, proofreader, and editor
Lincoln Munger is an American English proofreader, editor, and Haitian Creole translator as well. His wife Dara Munger is a Spanish translator, proofreader, and editor.
Text Translation
We will translate any materials you like, sermons, songs, books, T-Shirts, and much more. Send us the document, or images of the text to be translated by uploading your document on the top of the page, and fill the form above to provide details about your document, and shortly we will reply to you, and we will give you a FREE estimate for both cost and time of completion.
*Note* We translate English, Spanish, French, and Haitian Creole and any direction from one to another.
  • Medical translation
  • legal translation
  • general translation
  • technical translation 

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